Active Meditation – the - “Why”- and - the - “How To”

Sandy MacGregor presents the 3 hour seminar on 2 DVDs

Have you heard you MUST “drop the mind” or “think only nothing” when meditating?  --- 
Don’t believe it  – Try This Way!!

Active Meditation is easy and useful. To tap into your inner strength and use the power of all your mind, with deliberate techniques, you must first learn how to meditate – you can go on and relax in less than 30 seconds.  Then you can use it for everything from anxiety and anger to depression and cancer. You’ll learn from an International Trainer and Best-Selling Author of 6 books.  Sandy MacGregor turned a potentially devastating tragedy into personal power through active meditation strategies when dealing with the murder of his 3 daughters.  His story was told on “Sixty Minutes” and ABC TV’s “Australian Story” and by Alan Jones on radio.

Here’s What You Get

On DVD No 1 (103 minutes):

  • Sandy’s story - how active meditation saved his life from being filled with hate, anger and revenge
  • Do the Pointing Exercise
  • Develop the understanding that you can visualise 7 different ways
  • Know the 3 different ways to experience guided imagery
  • Discuss what positions you need to be in to meditate
  • Build Peaceful Place - a great technique to relax and release stress

On DVD No 2 (80 minutes):

  • Go back to the relaxed state faster
  • Understand some important science of the mind
  • Know when you are in the Meditation state
  • Know how to get to a deeper state
  • Why active meditation – to handle stress, panic, fear, anger, weight, depression, insomnia, confidence, grief, letting go, forgiveness, pain release, healing and more.
  • Experience an Active Meditation
  • Seeing the brainwave electro-encephalograph proof of relaxation on DVD

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"Sandy 's Free E-Report - is available. The E-Report has tips that will use calm techniques in every day life.  We will answer questions you ask and with your permission publish your successes stories using the CALM techniques so that you can assist others.  To Register and to receive the E-Report, click here"

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